Home Of The Felted Fish Pattern!

Slip-stitch pattern helps to highlight hand painted yarn to get a colorful effect with only one skein. Can be finished with purchased handles or I-cord.
Solid colors will also create a nice effect.
Felted measurements: 14” x 11”.

Contrasting colors emphasize the structure of this bag. Choice of flap or tab closure. Attaching handles is no problem. Sew them to suspender clips and clip them on! What a concept! Pattern is written for 10 ply (worsted) and 14 ply (bulky) yarns.
Felted measurements : 10 ply & 14 ply, 11” x 10”.

Because of its generous yardage, 2 hanks of 10 ply WoolPak will make two Ruffled Bags. Easy to customize, the pattern offers multiple design options for the creative knitter. Attention to small details in assembly and shaping after felting results in a bag with clean, flowing lines and a professionally finished look.
Felted measurements: 12” x 9”.

The lines of this bag resemble the seams of a baseball. Add some accent stitches after felting and it’s a bag you’ll want to take to the next home game. Flap can be opened from either side of the  bag.
Felted measurements: Home Run 7’ x 5” x 3”, Grand Slam 10” x 7” x 4”.

A felted bag for the younger set. The handles, sides and base are knit in one piece and the front and back panels are worked directly into the base and sides. There are no seams and only a few tails to weave in when completed. Felted measurements: single strand 5½” x 6½”, double strand 6” x 7”.

Slip Stitch Felted Bag  P5

Felted Baseball Bags  P45

Ruffled Felted Bag  P47

Around The World Felted Bag  P9

Little Miss Felted Bag  P6

Purses & Totes

Tango Felted Bag  P48

Who said knitting was sedentary? Making this bag is a lot like a knitted tango. First we’ll knit side to side, then we’ll pick up stitches and work our way to the bottom edge. Finally we’ll go round and round as we make the straps and trim. 2 hanks of 10 ply WoolPak make two contrasting bags.
Felted measurements: 11” x 10”.

Sunflower Bags  P49

Easy to knit and assemble, this felted duo requires no sewing. The pieces are trimmed and joined with applied I-cord, leaving only tails to weave in. Bright as a summer’s day, these bags are great for stash reduction. Who doesn’t have 10-20 yds of eyelash yarn lurking in the leftovers?
Felted measurements: large, 11
½ x 11½”, small, 8” x 8”.

Ewe Look Marvelous Bag  P50

To paraphrase Oliver!, “wool, glorious wool, what we wouldn’t give for, ...it’s what we live for!” The fiber we love and its source make a felted bag that comes together in a most ewe-nique way. Don’t be sheepish, ewe’ll look marvelous! Designed for WoolPak 10 ply.
Felted measurements: 10” x 11

Corduroy Felted Bag  P53

Doubled yarns worked in garter stitch create the corduroy look of this bag. The flap curls back on itself and is designed to hide the exposed hardware of magnetic and friction clasps. After felting the bag is embellished with easy to crochet flowers made of sock yarn. The handles are finished with decorative buttons.
Felted measurements: 11
½” x 8”, handles 15”.

Modular Felted Bag P55

The Modular Felted Bag assembles itself. There’s hardly any finishing to do once the knitting is complete—just weave in the tails. The bag is roomy and easy on the shoulder.
Felted measurements: 11
½” 11½”.